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When confronted with the fact that the English language has more than 312 words, some people gasp in amazement and don’t seem to be able to comprehend how that’s possible. Well, that's politicians for you.
Anyone who's doing some words related work is well aware of the fact that the English language is one of the richest languages spoken today, and that it offers multiple ways of saying pretty much the exact same thing, perhaps with subtle differentiations here and there.
As the human mind is so clearly limited (how else would you explain X-factor and the like?), certain tools had been developed to assist us in the proper use of the language and all it has to offer. While the first of these tools were in hard copy, modern technology had assisted in evolving these tools to electronic means. One of these tools is WordWeb which actually serves as an English-English dictionary and as a thesaurus. WorldWeb offers definitions of words of interest, synonyms to these words and a variety of related words groups. Its database includes about 150,000 words (which is well over 312) and it also offers online connection to follow up on related references such as Wikipedia.
We're not saying it's a unique tool, as there are others out there that offer pretty much the same service and some that even offer better service, but it sure is handy.
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